The Power of Truth

Within each day, I come to countless crossroads when I must choose whether to respond authentically. Some critical. “Mommy, why did you pick me up late?” Others mundane. “What time did you wake up this morning, honey?” I sometimes struggle to say what represents my actual thoughts or experience. “Ruth, we talked about what to … Continue reading

Why Internal Competition Rules & External Competition Drools

 By Sarah Beth Jones, Nary Ordinary Business Services Last week, I wrote a post where I compare life and our businesses to hummus. Hummus is one of those recipes that has been around for centuries (I assume. I didn’t even check Wikipedia to see if it was true, though.) but we all put our own … Continue reading

A Woman with Intention

Propped on the bedside, nylon stockings stretched under A-line skirt, I stroke his soft cheek. Waiting for him to stir, I cherish a rare quiet moment. I coax him from under the warm covers with soft kisses and a slow back scratch. I intend: To bring him into a new day gently and kindly. To … Continue reading

Saying No Hurts So Good

Straight-backed and attentive, I sit in the trendy conference room chair where I’ve been perched for the last two hours, reviewing slide by meticulous slide of the presentation I revised just yesterday. She turns to me, the frustratingly perfect new VP who conquered the world at the age of 36 and continues to climb to … Continue reading