Get to Know Noke

Proud to be featured on the Get to Know Noke blog this week. Also proud to announce that my baby (the reason I keep giving myself that I don’t have time to write) turned one yesterday. No baby no more. It all really just means I’ve got to get to writing!

Writing for Me (Eventually)

I’ve gotten into a bad habit of only writing when I plan to post what I write–either on this blog or in the one publication that still lets me submit (Front Porch Fredericksburg). I am looking for a guide light to lead me toward a writing discipline, a daily habit to reflect my thoughts and … Continue reading

How I Got Here

Writing has long been a source of identity for me. I published a zine and audio zine when I was 16. A reckless collection of poetry and journal musings about a boy (like many others) I should’ve never been into and my struggle against parental interference. Or, puppy love BS packaged in a grungy, edgy … Continue reading

Election Day: An Apathetic Love Affair

When I was young—in college and as a fresh member of the workforce—I took my politics seriously. I rallied and argued and wore T-shirts and felt superior to anyone who didn’t agree with my version of the truth. I paid attention to who I thought I agreed with and I threw their arguments back at … Continue reading

The Unexpected Self Evaluation

With a blank page open on the bright screen, the cursor blinks and blinks and blinks. I move the mouse to open my email, and decide to get some real work done. Amid thoughts of weekend to-dos—don’t forget to switch the laundry before it mildews—and preparations for my husband’s return home from a three-month stent … Continue reading

Change begets Change

This summer, I went on a life change bender. I simultaneously undertook two of life’s major changes. I said I do, again, merely two years after my divorce finalized and four years after my first marriage ended. I said yes to a new job, completely obliterating my comfort zone and choosing passion and intuition over … Continue reading

Life without coffee

I like my coffee like I like my men. Tall. Dark. Hot. (Joking…joking) I share the same love for the beverage we call by many affectionate names—Java, Joe, sweet nectar of the gods—as my fellow coffee aficionados. It came as a surprise, a shock even to me, when I proclaimed to take a month hiatus … Continue reading

Equations of Value

I finally found my word. Everything I read or heard about finding an inspirational word for the year—not a resolution or a goal, but a theme, a purpose—proved true. The word repeatedly solved perceived problems. In and of itself, the word became a way to delineate the options ahead of me. Other words clambered for … Continue reading

Run Your Own Race

I watch the trail of trail runners—traipsing through the forest, each on their own mission. Some run the 10K course; others the half marathon. Some run for speed; others run for bragging rights to their children. Some run for the finish line; others run to enjoy being surrounded by moisture trapped under dense tree cover, … Continue reading

Join Me in Seeking Attention Anonymous

Join Me. All I ask is that you join me on this journey. Join me as we leave behind our search for others’ approval and set our sights on our self-defined sense of worth. For me, the journey has already lasted longer than I thought it would. At this point, I intend it to last … Continue reading