Fallen Pillars

Time manages to march on when one who held so many others up no longer stands amongst us. A year ago today, my dear friend Rob Grogan lost a long, hard-fought, unjust battle with carcinoma cancer. I knew him from my first years in college, living in our shared adopted home of Fredericksburg, VA and … Continue reading

Where Memories Live

I sat where I sit right now, night after night, at the dining room table that once belonged to our grandmother. We talked. I thought he listened. My words must have sounded hollow. I once again teetered on the brink of losing myself—withdrawing from what I knew I needed in favor of what I thought … Continue reading

Divorce and Death: What Was, What Could Have Been

I imagined sitting in a lawyer’s office giving depositions to finalize my divorce would be nothing less than tortuous. Have you been separated for more than a year? Yes. Is there any chance for reconciliation? No. How could such questions—monotonous and unnervingly devoid of emotion—not cause me to collapse in sorrow? Two reasons. These final … Continue reading