Part 2: Washing Away

Last weekend, on March 15, 2015, a group of Roanoke runners, got together for an annual race. It landed directly on a day holding great significance for me. I spent the sunny Sunday climbing to the Mill Mountain Star with my best friend and little sidekick, and visiting my brother’s grave site. I haven’t run … Continue reading

Listen Now or Forever Hold Your Tongue

Put down the phone. Let the dishes marinate a little longer. Swallow what’s on the tip of your tongue and wait for it. Wait for the still squeaky, sometimes whiny, always earnest voice of your child as he weaves another rambling tale. In our house, it’s usually about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in cyber space. … Continue reading

How I Got Here

Writing has long been a source of identity for me. I published a zine and audio zine when I was 16. A reckless collection of poetry and journal musings about a boy (like many others) I should’ve never been into and my struggle against parental interference. Or, puppy love BS packaged in a grungy, edgy … Continue reading

Parenting from a Place of Healing

I am on a journey. I chose a path of self-discovery and recovery, equipped with a determination to live intentionally and love responsibly. Self-discovery constantly unveils new layers of personality to be tended and cultivated. The path constantly grows and shifts, revealing new alcoves of sunshine and new life; uncovering tangled vines and challenging roots. … Continue reading

Change begets Change

This summer, I went on a life change bender. I simultaneously undertook two of life’s major changes. I said I do, again, merely two years after my divorce finalized and four years after my first marriage ended. I said yes to a new job, completely obliterating my comfort zone and choosing passion and intuition over … Continue reading

You Don’t Drink?

The Answer I Never Give to the Question I Always Get   I’ve never had a DUI or been arrested. I did wake up with my car nose deep in a snow bank and not remember how I got there. I’ve never lost all my money, family or friends to booze. I did lie to … Continue reading

Life without coffee

I like my coffee like I like my men. Tall. Dark. Hot. (Joking…joking) I share the same love for the beverage we call by many affectionate names—Java, Joe, sweet nectar of the gods—as my fellow coffee aficionados. It came as a surprise, a shock even to me, when I proclaimed to take a month hiatus … Continue reading

Everything In Its Place

Peppercorns rattle as I push past a fresh packet of red chili peppers. We always kept those on hand to finish the dhal. Red Chili peppers, garlic cloves, and white cumin seeds dropped in scorching hot olive oil and drenched over a simmering pot of chick peas. Our kitchen wafted with sautéed onions and oil … Continue reading

The Power of Truth

Within each day, I come to countless crossroads when I must choose whether to respond authentically. Some critical. “Mommy, why did you pick me up late?” Others mundane. “What time did you wake up this morning, honey?” I sometimes struggle to say what represents my actual thoughts or experience. “Ruth, we talked about what to … Continue reading

The Tempest of Love Addiction

Rushing to revive a lost tug living just below the surface. Rigged to another sputtering engine. A rudderless race. Roving with no true destination. Hitched to another’s helm for survival. Love addiction. An addiction in its truest form: an anticipation of revelry, a fix realized, and the relief that follows. Without constant reassurance the love … Continue reading