Not for your viewing pleasure

  To the men perched in the coffee shop window:   You frighten me, frankly, and I sit alone with a long walk back to my car and dusk creeping quickly over the sky. The first overheard conversation: Complaints about a shared job. Sounds dull and fairly meaningless, but an honest day’s work of some … Continue reading

I Know How This Goes

Trigger warning: I first shared this piece in a Master’s level writing course and it was hard on one of the women in my class, so I want to preface it with this warning. I Know How This Goes is a counter piece to You Know How This Goes. I wrote and share these pieces with … Continue reading

The Tempest of Love Addiction

Rushing to revive a lost tug living just below the surface. Rigged to another sputtering engine. A rudderless race. Roving with no true destination. Hitched to another’s helm for survival. Love addiction. An addiction in its truest form: an anticipation of revelry, a fix realized, and the relief that follows. Without constant reassurance the love … Continue reading

Equations of Value

I finally found my word. Everything I read or heard about finding an inspirational word for the year—not a resolution or a goal, but a theme, a purpose—proved true. The word repeatedly solved perceived problems. In and of itself, the word became a way to delineate the options ahead of me. Other words clambered for … Continue reading

Competition Becomes Me

In a guest post last week, Sarah Beth Jones of Nary Ordinary Business Services discussed Why Internal Competition Rules and External Competition Drools. She invited a response, and Attention Anonymous accepted the challenge. This post was originally published on the No B.S. blog. Facing a full length mirror in my first ever Body Pump class, I eye the girls … Continue reading

A Woman with Intention

Propped on the bedside, nylon stockings stretched under A-line skirt, I stroke his soft cheek. Waiting for him to stir, I cherish a rare quiet moment. I coax him from under the warm covers with soft kisses and a slow back scratch. I intend: To bring him into a new day gently and kindly. To … Continue reading

I Must Take Care of Me

On hold to make a doctor’s appointment, I listen to the ringtone-quality music, twirl my hair and think about what’s for dinner. “Women spend so much time taking care of others that they often forget to take care of themselves…” I’m sure you’ve heard it. Trying to make a doctor’s appointment while sending an email … Continue reading