Ruth Cassell

Profile: Attention Anonymous is an online support space for others dealing with life issues of taking responsibility for other people's actions, setting healthy boundaries, surrounding themselves with safe people, seeking inappropriate attention and approval, and living in the present moment. My name is Ruth Cassell. I am a single working mother of a beautiful six-year old boy. I have before lost myself in others, and I work each day to set boundaries and maintain the stability that comes from unapologetically taking care of me. By sharing stories through Attention Anonymous we will learn that there are others who share the experience of: Not being able to say no. Getting involved in relationships that whittle away at your sense of self-worth. Giving so much that you lose yourself. Finding more joy in others' success than in your own. Allowing yourself to get involved in more projects than you can manage. Craving the attention of others to bring you a sense of accomplishment. Not being satisfied with your own approval. In encourage you to share you story, through comments or direct email so that we all may grow from shared experience.

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