A Why Statement

To be happy with me—despite who is around me and what environment I am in—I live the lessons of self-acceptance, self-affirmation and self-protection from the inside out.

Exposing my daily triumphs and failures in the effort to be a more mindful person and live a more whole-hearted life, writing keeps me committed.

Being a writer allows me to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability means openness, empathy and emotional availability.

Managing those inherent tendencies has been an important part of my journey. As a woman who depended on others to identify me—who they thought I was or wanted me to be—I work to stay true to my inherent self, without allowing anyone to define or take advantage of my openness, empathy and availability.


As I examine the last several years and the opportunities and challenges it presented,

and look forward to changes in the coming months,

I review the concoction that makes me a woman seeking Attention Anonymous, and realize nothing has changed.

Except me.

I depend on others, looking for support either because I need it or would prefer it. I remain open to others, inviting them into my life and revealing myself to them. I desire to assist others through their own struggles, by being empathetic and available.

This is why I am a writer. Why I am a good (if sometimes indulgent) mother. Why I am a true friend. Why I am a loyal employee and emerging leader.

I’ve learned to balance support of others with sustenance of self. Putting myself first, setting limits and sticking to them, not apologizing for my feelings or actions, and realizing my worth.

These continue to be daily decisions and ones well worth the effort.

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