Choosing to See

We live with blinders on. It may be self-preservation, or hope-preservation but we don’t want to know or admit how absolutely wrong our fellow human beings can treat each other. Few of us purposefully choose to see the horrors inside our own communities and neighborhoods. Fewer of us intentionally put ourselves in a position to … Continue reading

Fallen Pillars

Time manages to march on when one who held so many others up no longer stands amongst us. A year ago today, my dear friend Rob Grogan lost a long, hard-fought, unjust battle with carcinoma cancer. I knew him from my first years in college, living in our shared adopted home of Fredericksburg, VA and … Continue reading

Schedule Your Priorities

Writing for Me (Eventually)

I’ve gotten into a bad habit of only writing when I plan to post what I write–either on this blog or in the one publication that still lets me submit (Front Porch Fredericksburg). I am looking for a guide light to lead me toward a writing discipline, a daily habit to reflect my thoughts and … Continue reading