How I Got Here

Writing has long been a source of identity for me. I published a zine and audio zine when I was 16. A reckless collection of poetry and journal musings about a boy (like many others) I should’ve never been into and my struggle against parental interference. Or, puppy love BS packaged in a grungy, edgy … Continue reading

Inspirational Creativity

I don’t know if kids even write zines anymore. By kids I mean hormonal teenagers who need to express their angst at life and their innate knowledge of everything to anyone who will listen. By zines I mean small, self-published magazines created by these kids. Zines allow them not only a necessary means of expression … Continue reading

What Speaks to Me

In analyzing “How I Got Here,” and where my mission of self-reflection, personal development, writing and sharing is taking me, I dredged the Internet for bloggers of like mind and similar practice. I wanted to make comparisons and definitions of success, as well as find blogs I actually care to read. In all honesty, I … Continue reading

Election Day: An Apathetic Love Affair

When I was young—in college and as a fresh member of the workforce—I took my politics seriously. I rallied and argued and wore T-shirts and felt superior to anyone who didn’t agree with my version of the truth. I paid attention to who I thought I agreed with and I threw their arguments back at … Continue reading