You Know How This Goes

Trigger warning: I first shared this piece in a Master’s level writing course and it was hard on one of the women in my class, so I want to preface it with this warning.
You Know How This Goes is a counter piece to I Know How This Goes. I wrote and share these pieces with the intention of analyzing the possible mindset of victim and abuser.

You Know How This Goes

Your blaze red pick-up truck parked in a deserted overlook—away from spying lights and safe sights—isn’t what you said you’d do tonight.

Since you met her, she’s told you she wants to wait, wants to take it slow, wants to be daddy’s little girl again.broken mirror

You know that’s not true. You know she won’t refuse. You know they always come around.

You scold her for teasing you. You keep your hand up the back of her Grateful Dead T-shirt.

You can always push it. They can always handle it.

Her tender smile, her wide eyes, her kind words. She can’t hide how much she likes you. She can’t say this is her first time. She can’t hide her eagerness.

She doesn’t know it doesn’t matter what she said then or says now.

She doesn’t know how this goes.

You feel her scoot away. You don’t plan to coax this one through it.

She’s here. She’s in the cab of your truck. She’s as ready as she’ll ever be.

Pulled on top of you, you can tell she isn’t fighting as you wiggle her Levi jeans past her thin hips. You figured she’d struggle; she’d claw your eyes out; she’d scream if she really wanted to.

You know she’s silent on the ride to her house. She doesn’t answer when you ask if she’s ready for her test tomorrow. She doesn’t react when you reach for her balled fist.

You liked it better when she jumped up in the cab, thinking you were taking her to dinner.

You guess there won’t be a second date.

You know how this goes.

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