Battling People Pleasing Tendencies

Last week, I wrote about Fellow Warriors in the Battle for Yourself and shared stories of women who show me everyday how saying no and being their own person changes their lives for the better. I met Sarah Beth Jones, co-owner of Nary Ordinary Business Services, at the Roanoke Regional Writer’s Conference at Hollins University. She gave a … Continue reading

Fellow Warriors in the Battle for Yourself

Sitting across from her with over-sized salads and ice water between us, I can tell how much stronger she is than when we first met two years ago. She’s in the process of selling the house she shared with her husband of 23 years, buying a townhouse in Richmond, and completing graduate school to get … Continue reading

Run Your Own Race

I watch the trail of trail runners—traipsing through the forest, each on their own mission. Some run the 10K course; others the half marathon. Some run for speed; others run for bragging rights to their children. Some run for the finish line; others run to enjoy being surrounded by moisture trapped under dense tree cover, … Continue reading

Join Me in Seeking Attention Anonymous

Join Me. All I ask is that you join me on this journey. Join me as we leave behind our search for others’ approval and set our sights on our self-defined sense of worth. For me, the journey has already lasted longer than I thought it would. At this point, I intend it to last … Continue reading

Saying No Hurts So Good

Straight-backed and attentive, I sit in the trendy conference room chair where I’ve been perched for the last two hours, reviewing slide by meticulous slide of the presentation I revised just yesterday. She turns to me, the frustratingly perfect new VP who conquered the world at the age of 36 and continues to climb to … Continue reading